Trademark Bodybuilder® + premium domain FOR SALE!

The Bodybuilder® Trademark may be used for all kind of sports goods
and services. Brand Recognition is EXCELLENT, extremely memorable,
and is a universally comprehensible message.
Brand Value is also EXCELLENT with a very strong marketing message
and high recall value.
Sports goods and services are market with high demand.
With a right managemend the growth can be expected at a rapid pace.
This demand and pace requires a person or group of people who can be
committed and dedicated to Bodybuilder® on a full time basis to be able
to maximize it's growth.

Offer includes:
1) Bodybuilder® trademark registered in :
CLASS 5-Pharmaceutical and dietetic substances for medical purposes.
CLASS 25-Clothing, footwear and headgear.
CLASS 28-Gymnastic and sporting articles and equipment, not included
in other classes.
CLASS 41-Education, providing of training;Education; hostess services
and entertainment;sports and cultural activities.,
2) Up to date ecommerce store (,
3) Social media assets (,,,,
4) Artwork of various designs,
5) Inventory of performance soft PVC rubber label (purchaser to pay
shipping costs).

 The name Bodybuilder® can expect HUGE growth! The new owner
of Bodybuilder® may continue the use of the current business plan or
develop a new future for Bodybuilder®.
Trademark E.U. Reg. Number 008363343
Trademark registration will be renewed and will remain in force for
the next ten (10) years. The next renewal period is due 2029.

For info, call / write to:
Serious Buyers only, please. Offers under 400 000$ will be declined.
A $50,000.00 deposit made via PayPal will start the sales process.
With your deposit, the advertisement will close.
Due to the legality of transferring a registered trademark,
a Trademark Attorney representing the "Seller" will conduct
the assignment and final payment. Any fees accrued for
the representation of the "Buyer" will be the sole responsibility
of the "Buyer". Actual time of transfer may take longer than advertised
due to third parties involvement.

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